Have you been injured on a construction site?

In a blog post from a few months ago, we detailed how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is trying to reduce the number of construction worker injured in the course of employment, especially by falls and objects falling from overhead. One of the injury types specifically focused on was falls. OSHA sought to reduce the number of incidents that occurred through training and inspections. While these efforts may have reduced some of those accidents, some continue to happen, as is evident by this latest accident.

If the worker be unable to work while healing from the injury in any capacity, he may try to see workers' compensation benefits. Most employers in the state of Pennsylvania are expected to purchase a workers' compensation policy that covers workers when things like this do happen. The benefits serve as a financial bridge to those individuals who cannot quickly return to work ad need some time and money to make recovering possible.

If benefits are not immediately granted injured workers should not be too discouraged. Rather they should contact a lawyer who handles such matters and file an appeal. If you have more questions about workers' compensation, call the Pittsburgh workers' compensation lawyers at Dugan & Associates for a free consultation at 412-922-0800.

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