Have You Developed A Disease Due To Your Workplace?

Signing a Workers' Compensation Settlement

Have You Developed A Disease Due To Your Workplace?

The Pennsylvania workplace illness attorneys at Dugan & Associates can file workers' compensation claims, handle Social Security Disability Benefits applications, or less commonly, bring lawsuits against negligent defendants to compensate persons who can't work due to a serious occupational disease. In some cases, we can file all three actions for you at the same time. For a free initial consultation about your work-related illness and your rights to compensation, contact a Western Pennsylvania lawyer at Dugan & Associates.

Workers in different industries are exposed to the risk of different illnesses. In the Pittsburgh area, we're familiar with the serious lung diseases, such as black lung, silicosis, or pneumoconiosis that coal miners can suffer. Less well known is the risk of hepatitis that dental hygienists face, or the risk of cancer and liver damage that latex or polyvinyl chloride workers can suffer through chemical exposure.

Some of the other occupational diseases we encounter include chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), repetitive trauma such as carpal tunnel syndrome, beryllium pneumonosis, and heart disease. In some cases, we can also claim workers' comp or SSDI benefits for mental illnesses related to a physical work-related disability, such as severe depression following a back or neck injury at work.

Our Pittsburgh workplace illness lawyers will analyze your situation and medical records and attempt to develop strategies for maximizing your recovery under one or more benefits programs. Our nearly 20 years of experience and concentration on the rights of disabled workers can represent a major advantage in the presentation and resolution of your claim.

For a free initial consultation about your right to compensation for a work-related disease, contact Dugan & Associates in Pittsburgh.

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