Heat stroke and workers' compensation

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous. The construction industry accounts for the vast majority of severe injuries and fatalities. One of the lesser-known, but no less dangerous, conditions a worker can experience on a construction site is heat stroke. This post will go over the dangers of heat stroke and what happens to you if you suffer from it on the job.


You are entitled to workers' compensation if you incurred heat stroke while on the job. To qualify, you need to substantiate that you are required to work outdoors, like a construction site. Additionally, heat stroke, alone, usually isn't sufficient to justify a workers' compensation claim (because the injuries aren't permanent). But if heat stroke leads to another injury, like falling off a scaffolding or getting struck by an object, then you can file a claim. Furthermore, extended exposure to heat stroke can induce heart attacks.

Finally, some states require employers to protect their workers from heat stroke. For instance, some states obligate employers to offer employees protective gear, regular breaks in the shade, and a steady source of water. Keep these issues in mind as spring and summer start to roll around.

If you suffered an injury while on a construction site, then you may want to speak to an attorney. Heat stroke, as illustrated above, can impair your cognitive function and result in much more severe injuries. It is thus critical that you are allowed to avoid getting heat stroke while on construction sites, or you could risk a more serious injury such as from a crane accident. A lawyer can help you file your workers' compensation claim, to ensure that you receive payments while you are recovering. You don't need to forego an income while you are injured.


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