High Risk of Work Injuries in Allegheny County: 3 Keys to Staying Safe

Pittsburgh is known for the Pittsburgh Steelers, its record number of bridges, and its obsession with pierogies. But did you know that the Steel City and the rest of Allegheny County is also known for workplace injuries? We recently discussed how Allegheny County had the most documented injuries out of all Pennsylvania counties in 2017, and what the risk factors are associated with the two most common injuries. Here, we will cover sprain and strain prevention in the workplace. Read on to learn more about how you can avoid getting hurt while on the job:

Allegheny County Injuries by Industry

As a refresher, the industries with the most injuries in 2017 were:

Education & Health Services: 6,042 injuries
Trade, Transportation & Utilities: 2,957 injuries
Public Administration: 1,120 injuries
Leisure & Hospitality: 1,086 injuries
Manufacturing: 1,074 injuries

The biggest cause of injury for workers getting hurt on the job in Allegheny county? Sprains and strains.

Sprain and Strain Injury Prevention

Better Materials and Tools
One of the most effective ways of preventing sprains and strains on the job is to utilize better materials and tools. Choose lighter, more compact materials or materials designed for easier carrying to decrease risk of injury on the job. Use appropriate tools for the job you are doing and the space you are working in. Tools should be the right size for you and fit comfortably in your hand. They should have a non-slip handle and be free from sharp edges or ridges. If your workplace doesn't supply tools that are comfortable for you, take the concern to a manager.

Safety Training
Employers should train new hires on musculoskeletal disorders, including sprains and strains, prior to their start date. Training should cover musculoskeletal disorders, the risk factors associated, appropriate methods of prevention, and new equipment, tools, and work methods that would influence the change of injury.

Personal Protection Equipment
Choosing appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) could help prevent injury on the jobsite. Use shoulder pads, knee pads, and vibration-reducing gloves for sprain and strain risk reduction.

*Note: The above advice is only a recommendation. For more details on preventing sprain and strain injuries in the workplace, consult with a safety or ergonomics professional.

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