High school shuts down due to remodeling accident

Construction remains one of the most dangerous fields to work in. Construction workers are regularly one of them most injured workers on the job, and their injuries are severe, much more severe than concomitant office injuries. Sadly, despite all of the advances in technology and safety procedures ? construction workers are still severely injured on the job or even killed. All it takes is one lapse in judgment and someone could be dead.

Luckily, while this particular worker did suffer severe burns, it appears he was rushed to the hospital and treated. He was working on the main power line to the high school, Mt. Lebanon, when he suffered an arc flash and severe electrical burns. He was rushed to the hospital and received treatment.

An arc flash is a type of electrical burst. They usually result in the industrial context from welding accidents. However, it appears that the main power line into the school conducts 23,000 volts of electricity, which explains the arc flash.

In the meantime, Mt. Lebanon High School was shut down earlier this week due to damage from the accident.

An investigation is ongoing to ascertain the cause and extent of the damage.

Construction site accidents remain unfortunately common. If you were injured on the job, you might want to retain the assistance of a lawyer to help you with the paperwork and through any disputes with the insurance company. You are entitled to payments for your injury, including medical bills, and lost wages. Those funds are critical, and your family cannot wait for delayed payments due to a paperwork error. A lawyer can ensure that your paperwork goes in correct, to ensure a speedy return with payment.

Source: Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, "Electrical accident injures worker, cancels Monday classes at Mt. Lebanon High," Adam Smeltz, December 11, 2016

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