How Beverly's Birthdays is Reacting to COVID-19

COVID-19 has created difficult circumstances for families across southwestern PA. 

To help, Beverly’s Birthdays has continued serving the community throughout the pandemic. 

Beverly’s Birthdays is best known for its birthday parties, but it has many ways of supporting families and children, including:

  • Birthday Cheer Bins. These bins are packed with books, hygiene products, and snacks before going to struggling families and foster homes.
  • Itty Bitty Birthday Cheer. This program supports pregnant mothers-to-be by providing bins filled with essential items for newborns.
  • Classroom Cheer. Beverly’s Birthdays provides local low-income schools with pencils, buttons, and birthday crowns to celebrate birthdays.
  • The Birthday Boutique. The Birthday Boutique is a mobile fashion truck for birthday boys and girls to pick new clothes.

We’re inspired by Beverly’s Birthdays efforts to serve local children and families. Do you know someone who has been touched by Beverly’s Birthdays?

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