How do I file a construction injury claim?

We often talk about how construction workers face some of the most severe and constant dangers of workers in any industry, and how workers' compensation benefits are thus extremely important for them. However, if you have ever been injured in a construction accident, or if you work in construction and wish to be prepared, you may wonder how best to go about filing a claim.

The good news about workers' compensation benefits is that they are usually very easy to take advantage of. OSHA regulations outline the safety standards that construction sites should adhere to, and if you feel that these regulations are not met, it is a good idea to contact an OSHA office as soon as possible, hopefully before an injury occurs. However, if an injury occurs due to a failure to adhere to OSHA standards, or if an injury occurs even despite OSHA standards, you can still recover benefits thanks to workers' compensation.

Of course, the first thing to do is have yourself medically treated to ensure that your injuries do not become more severe. Once you have received treatment, inform your employer of the injury, including the time, date, circumstances and nature of the injury. It is a good idea to inform your employer in writing and keep a copy or send an email to create a paper trail.

Ideally, once you alert your employer, your claim should be reviewed by the insurance provider and you can then recover compensation. However, your claim may not be approved, or the insurance company may have additional questions. In order to help ensure that your claim is appropriate and reviewed effectively, it may be wise to speak with an attorney to learn more about your rights.

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