How does Pennsylvania treat workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation is one of the most important benefits of any job, both for employers and employees. For employees, it is important because it ensures that they will not be abandoned by their employer and left financially destitute if they suffer an injury on the job. For employers, it encourages employees to give 100%, safe in the knowledge that they will be taken care of.

As important as workers' compensation benefits are, just like many other legal areas, the specifics change depending on the laws of the state. Pennsylvania's workers' compensation laws are slightly different that the workers' compensation laws of any other state. For example, different people could be eligible for workers' compensation coverage in different states depending on the how the law views such benefits.

In Pennsylvania, the Bureau of Workers' Compensation is the state body in charge of workers' compensation, and under Pennsylvania law, only casual employees are not eligible for coverage. Casual employees are generally considered employees who do not work structured or regular hours. This means that for the most part, a person who is paid by another party on a regular, structured basis to perform a particular service or services is eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

It is not a bad idea to ask about workers' compensation benefits before accepting any offer of employment, but if you are unsure of your rights or whether or not you are eligible for workers' compensation benefits, you may wish to consider contacting an attorney. Legal assistance could provide you with a better idea of who is entitled to workers' compensation, and may help you make a more informed decision about your future employment opportunities. Legal aid might also help you take advantage of workers' compensation benefits to which you are already entitled.

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