Hurt at Work, Work Injury, Workers' Compensation Now What

Get Hurt at Work and suffer a Work Injury and you think you're supposed to get Workers' Compensation.

Rarely anymore does it feel like things go like they should. That's where attorney Mitch Dugan and his team of staff and attorneys at Dugan & Associates come in. There are two basic scenarios to keep in mind with a Work Injury that we see frequently. 1. Get hurt work and they won't pay or 2. Get hurt at work and you get paid for a time and now they don't want to pay. At our office there is No fee unless you get the money or benefits you deserve.

1. If you suffer a Work injury you the workers' compensation insurance company is supposed to pay you for your time off and pay for your medical treatment. Often times the insurance company won't. They'll issue a Notice of Compensation Denial and check off a box saying you didn't suffer a work injury, or one of the other boxes maybe saying there isn't evidence of disability or something like that so they don't have to pay. Sometimes they may say they have a legitimate concern to not pay but, and here's the important part, if the workers' compensation insurance company issues a Notice of Workers' Compensation Denial you need to get a lawyer because they aren't paying and they don't have to pay at that point. You need to call Dugan & Associates and Mitch Dugan Lawyers Representing Injured People.

2. Get hurt at work and you have been getting paid workers' compensation payments and they want to stop paying. You receive a Petition to Suspend Compensation, or you receive a Petition to Terminate Workers' Compensation Benefits. You need to call Mitch Dugan and Dugan & Associates. However things were happening that should have been a red flag before this to tip you off that such a petition from the workers' compensation carrier was coming. But you are not a lawyer and you might feel like you were blindsided. You are injured, disabled and just want to get better and get your treatment and go back to work and that doesn't seem like it's happening. You should call us.

At Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People, attorney Mitch Dugan and his team of staff and attorneys know how to handle the workers' compensation insurance carriers, they know how to get them off your back, help you treat and get better and get on with your life. We know how to settle cases. If your case doesn't settle we know the system, we know the law, we do this day in and day out. We have the experience and most importantly WE GET RESULTS.

Contact Dugan & Associates today if you or a loved one suffered a work injury, got hurt at work, and have questions about workers compensation. Call us at 1-888-99-D-U-G-A-N (1-888-993-8426).

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