Independent Medical Exams and Impairment Rating Evaluations

If you get injured at work, suffer an injury in the course of your employment, and/or have a work accident you are entitled to workers' compensation. Such compensation includes payment of medical bills which are reasonable and necessary and related to treatment of your work injury. You are also entitled to lost wage compensation benefits if you suffer a loss in income due to the work injury.

However, generally speaking, the insurance company is allowed to have you examined by a physician of their choosing as is reasonable and necessary. What is considered to be reasonable and necessary may vary from case to case but it is generally interpreted to mean approximately every six months if there is no litigation pending. Why? Simple. The insurance company is entitled to a doctor's opinion of their own choosing to decide if they should continue to pay your medical bills and/or lost wage benefits. This insurance companies chosen doctor exam is usually referred to as an IME for Impairment rating evaluations,or if your an injured workers' compensation attorney like me then refer to it as an insurance medical exam.

Impairment rating evaluations or IRE's is an exam requested by the insurance company to determine an injured workers impairment rating under the American Medical Association's Guides to Impairment (a book). There are specific rules as to when and how an insurance company can go about requesting and getting an IRE. Generally speaking an insurance company cannot even request an impairment rating evaluation until an injured worker has received 104 weeks of total disability.

The law and rules surrounding independent medical exams and impairment rating evaluations are technical and nothing that anyone should attempt on their own without counsel from a workers' compensation attorney.

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