Injured single mother denied Social Security Disability benefits

Many Pennsylvanians can likely relate to the experiences of a Nevada woman who has been denied Social Security Disability benefits. The single mother suffered severe injuries in a traumatic car accident last year. Her injuries include broken ribs, internal bleeding and a broken pelvis. In addition, doctors had to reattach one foot that was torn off in the accident.

This mother previously worked as a cashier but now is in a wheelchair most of the time since she can only walk for short distances with the help of a walker. Her previous job as a cashier required her to stand, and she says she would like to return to work but would probably have to be trained for a new type of job that would allow her to sit.

What makes this woman's situation even more frustrating is that she was receiving Social Security Disability benefits. A few weeks ago, though, the Social Security Administration allegedly decided she is not disabled.

There are many people in similar situations to this woman who want to work but have an injury that makes it challenging to do so. This woman explains that her only income is child support payments and that she is unable to make her mortgage payments without Social Security Disability checks.

While this woman does want to work, an employer would need to recognize her abilities and her disabilities and work with her to provide tasks that could be done while sitting. Many jobs require a person to stand, something she is incapable of due to her injuries. When a person is in this situation, consulting someone knowledgeable about securing Social Security Disability benefits may be very valuable.

Source: KOLO, "Wheelchair-bound, but Social Security says she's not disabled," Sept. 6, 2012

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