Is your employer fighting your workers' compensation claim

It's likely you will need an attorney for your workers' compensation claims. Whether your work injury was accepted or denied there are many reasons you should get a workers' compensation attorney. You have a lot to lose and there is no fee unless we get you the money or benefits you deserve. This article will focus on denied claims. Our attorneys handle and focus on accepted and denied workers' compensation cases.

It is a common mistake for many people hurt on the job to believe that, much like unemployment or public assistance when most times all you have to do is sign up for benefits to get them, that all one has to do to when they are hurt on the job in worker's compensation is to tell their employer they had an work injury and all will be paid until one is ready to go back to work. There are many reasons a Workers' Compensation Insurance Company may deny your claim- here are just a few.

If you get hurt on the job you are supposed to report your injury to your supervisors and they in turn to management, human resources who in turn is to report it to your employers workers' compensation insurance company. Do you see where I'm going here? Have you ever played the game telephone as a kid where you tell one thing to one person and they then repeat to the next and so on. Messages get changed, lost or ignored. Or it may a long time by the time your employers work injury insurance company gets told, and correctly if at all, about your injury.

When you suffer a work injury you probably need to go to the doctor. If you are stubborn like me you may wait and give it some time hoping it will go away. It may be some time before you actually see a doctor. If there are delays in treatment sometimes that is cause for questioning the nature and extent of your injury. Insurance companies are good at questioning the nature and extent of your injury. Then sometimes when you get to the doctor they don't always figure out what is going on, what is your diagnosis. You may have testing, some of which comes back normal. You may be in pain and disabled and the tests are normal. Insurance companies don't like to pay someone if the test results are normal.

Or you may have to wait and then see a specialist before you are told what your injury actually is. When you got hurt on the job you told your employer and went to the hospital right away. You were diagnosed with a sprain and given an off work slip for a few days and some meds. But in actuality you have something much more, a tear of a ligament or a disc herniation. But since that's discovered a month or two later your employers work injury insurance carrier isn't having it.

Or perhaps you haven't been on the job that long. Maybe a coworker or supervisor doesn't like you. And now your injury is cause for suspicion. Or just the timing of things caused doubts. In one case a client suffered an injury on Friday. Was hoping it would get better over the weekend and when it didn't reported the injury on Monday. That was enough for the Workers' compensation insurance company to deny the claim.

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