LCB manager wins Workers' Compensation over Robbery

Liquor Control manager wins Workers' Compensation over Robbery.  The Tribune Review has reported that Greg Kochanowicz never expected to come face to face with a masked gun welding robber to be considered normal working conditions. Nor did he think that being duct taped to a chair and threatened with his life to be all in a days work.

But that's what the state Liquor Control Board argued when they refused workers' compensation benefits.

Mr Kochanowicz is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is haunted by images of the robbery. He has depression, anxiety and nightmares and difficulty sleeping. In April 2008 following the robbery he pursued Workers' Compensation Benefits. The state denied payment alleging that what he went through is to be expected working for the LCB and not abnormal working conditions.

The LCB didn't dispute the events in question. They didn't even dispute that Mr. Kochanowicz, age 60, is suffering from emotional disability from the robbery. They argued that robberies of liquor stores are to be expected by employees citing that approximately 100 robberies occurred between 2002 and 2008 in the Philadelphia area.

Initially Mr. Kochanowicz's attorney filed a claim for workmens compensation benefits and was succesful. The Workers' Compensation Judge ruled that benefits were to be paid finding that "robbery at gunpoint to the back of the head is neither a normal societal occurrence nor a normal working condition."

However the State appealed delaying payment of work comp payments. Initially they appealed to the Workers' Compensation Appeal Board then the case went up to the Commonwealth Court. Last week the Commonwealth Court ruled that Mr. Kochanowicz should be awarded workmens compensation benefits.

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