Less serious workers' compensation claims are still worth filing

While serious work injuries often make headlines, the reality is that the most common types of injuries suffered by workers are not as dramatic, according to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety's 2014 Workplace Safety Index. The index looks at the nonfatal workplace injuries that occur each year and ranks the causes. The information most recently released pertains to 2013. Accordingly, claims data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Academy of Social Insurance, as well as Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety's workers' compensation claims data from 2013 was used. A worker had to be out of work for at least six days to be considered.

According to the report, "working too hard" is actually the leading cause of injuries in the nation. "Working too hard," or overexertion, occurs as a result of a variety of actions, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying, and throwing things.

In 2013, workers who overexerted themselves cost American businesses more than $15 billion in workers' compensation. Other causes and direct costs of workplace injuries that year include falls, being struck by an overhead object or work equipment, and sudden reactions.

As this information shows, even when injuries are not serious in nature, it's possible that workers still need to take time away from work to heal. In these situations, workers' compensation benefits may be sought. If approved, those benefits could help to cover medical expenses and the costs of living that accrues while the worker is recovering. If you have questions about workers' compensation claims, please call the Allegheny County workers' compensation lawyers at Dugan & Associates today at 412-353-3572.

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