Lowe's employee dead after work accident

A Lowe's employee died after being involved in a work-related accident in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. The Union Township police say that the man was one of two Lowe's employees who were unloading appliances from a Lowe's box truck into a semi-trailer. The box truck reportedly backed into the semi-trailer, hitting the man who was in his 30s.

The man was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The other worker involved in the construction site accident was not injured.

The family of the man who died in the workplace accident could choose to file for workers' compensation for the death of their loved one. Workers' compensation is a type of insurance that workers can get that reimburses them for any injuries that they obtain while on the job. In some cases, it also allows their family members to receive compensation for their deaths if they die while at work, making it function as a type of life insurance for family members. Additionally, it does not matter whether the worker's injuries or death was caused by negligence on the worker's own part or that of the employer in order for him or her to receive workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation comes with a tradeoff, though. In order for people to receive workers' compensation they have to agree to give up their right to sue their employers for punitive damages. In cases where the employee's death was caused by his or her own negligence, then it might be more beneficial for family members to file for workers' compensation benefits rather than filing a wrongful death lawsuit that is based on the claim that the worker's death was caused by negligence on the employer's fault. Personal injury lawyers may be able to advise people as to whether or not they meet the criteria to file for workers' compensation benefits.

Source: WFMJ, "One man dead after being crushed between box truck and semi-trailer", May 24, 2013

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