Make sure you know your emergency action plan

Employees in Pennsylvania may benefit from learning more about the Emergency Action Plan, as described by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The plan is written documentation that is required of employers by OSHA standards. The requirements are intended to organize employer and employee actions under the duress of an emergency occurring at the workplace. Emergency plans that are properly developed can help to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries and property damage sustained during an emergency.

Emergency plans that are poorly developed may create an evacuation process that is disorganized. These situations may increase the risk of more injuries, property damage and overall disarray. Emergency Action Plans should be designed to address the hazards that are specific to the nature of work being performed. Evaluating the workplace, anticipating employees' reactions to emergencies and assessing the emergency systems in place and the layout of the worksite are all vital towards properly implementing an effective EAP.

Many organizations choose to create a diverse committee of employees and managers tasked with designing an EAP that is appropriate for improving safety in the workplace. These groups are typically responsible for reviewing the plans and implementing new development tasks when appropriate. When the organization has 10 employees or less, the EAP does not need to be written down and may be conveyed orally.

Employees injured in workplace accidents related to the EAP may benefit from contacting legal counsel. Lawyers may be able to review the current plan and identify any protocols, provisions or omissions that could potentially expose the enterprise to legal action. Lawyers may be able to help injured employees identify any parties who may be found culpable for damages caused by a poorly designed EAP.

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