Man dies in Pennsylvania fatal workplace explosion

Transfer firefighters, Clark firefighters, Pymatuning Township police and Greenville-West Salem Township police all responded after learning about an explosion that occurred an oil tank in Pymatuning Township. The fatal workplace accident resulted in the death of a worker who was in his 30s and from New Castle.

The accident occurred while the man was working on a 10,000 gallon fuel oil tank that was located at Industrial Park Road and Route 18, near Crestview Drive, according to the Transfer Fire Chief. The accident happened when the oil tank exploded and caught fire at approximately 5:30 p.m. The fire chief says that he does not know what caused the fire, but he does know that the fire was not set intentionally.

The fire chief said that because the accident was an industrial one that resulted in a fatality, OSHA has to be notified of the incident. The deputy coroner did not release the man's name and will not do so until the autopsy is complete. Pymatuning Township police will be heading the investigation of the case.

Pennsylvania employees may sustain injuries for a variety of reasons. They may get hurt in industrial accidents because of defective tools, dangerous equipment that is not used appropriately or exposure to dangerous materials. These types of incidents may lead to fatal workplace accidents. When an employee dies while completing their work duties, different parties may be to blame. For example, a defective equipment manufacturer may be to blame if defective machinery was involved. A job-related motor vehicle accident could be due to the negligence of a supplier or delivery truck driver. Pennsylvania workplace injury lawyers may be able to help the family of a deceased worker file a wrongful death claim against the negligent party.

Source: Sharon Herald, "New Castle man dies in blast", August 20, 2013

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