Man hospitalized following construction site accident

Those who work in the construction field likely know of the many dangers that face employees. Even when workers in Pennsylvania ensure all safety recommendations are followed, a construction site accident can still occur. For example, a man in another state was recently hospitalized following an incident that left him pinned.

The incident is said to have occurred one morning in late June. According to reports, the injured man was working on part of a new home's foundation. Unfortunately, a concrete slab fell on him, pinning the man. Rescue workers claim that an excavator either caused the collapse or fell over afterward and was hanging over the injured worker.

Because the man could not be extricated until the excavator was secured, rescue workers borrowed one from a nearby site. Once secured, the worker was extricated and transported to the hospital by helicopter. While the condition of the man is unknown, reports indicate that the man is expected to recover.

While it is fortunate that the man's injuries due to the construction site accident were not life threatening, he could still face a long road to recovery, potentially requiring a great deal of medical treatment. Because medical care can be expensive and injured workers are unable to work while they recover, states -- including Pennsylvania -- require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits to help workers in the event they are injured in such an accident. An attorney with experience with such benefits can help victims fully understand their rights and pursue a fair settlement.

Source:, "Worker hurt in Coventry industrial accident", June 26, 2017

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