Man killed at school construction site

On September 5, a 73-year-old man was struck by a triple-axle construction truck and killed. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Crews were working on landscaping and relocating a road at the school as part of a major renovation.

The man worked for a construction consulting company, and so likely knew protocol of how to behave when in a construction zone. Unfortunately, he was struck by a large truck used on the construction site and died of his injuries.

Without knowing more about the circumstances of the accident, it is difficult to speculate about the event. However, if the driver of the construction vehicle is found to have been negligent in his job or responsible for the accident, the man's family may have the ground to pursue a wrongful death claim.

Construction sites often have many hazards, but being struck by a vehicle might not be one that most people would consider. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the machinery used on these sites, the accidents are often fatal, as we see in this case.

As vigilant as construction workers or people familiar with construction zones are, there are many factors on a site that are out of the immediate control of victims of these accidents.

There are legal options for people who are injured while working on construction or industrial sites and the families of those who are fatally injured. No amount of money can replace their loved ones, but can prevent families from ending up in dire financial states due to the loss of a household member.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Man, 73, killed at construction site in front of Beaver County middle school," Taryn Luna, Sep. 6, 2012

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