Man killed in industrial accident

As many people in Pennsylvania are aware, roofers face a great deal of risk in their occupation. Simply working at great heights in itself can be risky. Unfortunately, a man in another state has recently lost his life in an industrial accident.

Rescue workers received a call about the incident just before 10 a.m. on a morning in July. According to reports, the man worked from a roofing contractor. The 43-year-old victim was reportedly at a job at East Coast Logistics & Distribution Inc where he was attempting to place materials on a roof using a lift.

Unfortunately, reports indicate that the boom came into contact with a power line. The man was electrocuted and fell to the ground. The incident sparked a fire. Unfortunately, he passed away after being transported to the hospital.

Now officials are left to determine exactly how the industrial accident happened. In the meantime, a family must also plan a funeral as a result of the unexpected death. While an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration could result in fines, citations or some combination of both, such an outcome will do nothing to help the man's surviving family members cope with the financial stresses often created by funeral expenses and lost wages. Though he may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits, many people in Pennsylvania and across the country who deserve such compensation finds the process to be difficult, especially during a time already filled with stress. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help guide grieving families through the process.

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