Man killed in industrial accident leaves behind toddler

The vast majority of employers in Pennsylvania and across the country work hard to ensure that their employees are safe from a variety of different risks in the workplace. Unfortunately, not all risks can be anticipated, often resulting in an industrial accident. For example, a young man was recently killed in an out-of-state accident.

The accident happened on a day in early July. Reports indicate that the 20-year-old victim was an employee of a company called All Tools. Another worker was reportedly attempting to clean pipes when one slipped off a jack. Unfortunately, the pipe is said to have struck the victim.

First responders arrived at the scene to provide aid, but the victim, unfortunately, died at the scene. Representatives for the company declined to comment other than to confirm that the man was an employee. The incident is under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration; if it is found that health or safety standards were violated in the events leading up to the accident, the company could face citations, fines or both.

The community is attempting to rally around the man's family -- including his 1-year-old son -- through a fundraiser. While fundraisers conducted after a tragedy such as this are often well-intentioned and helpful, efforts may be insufficient to fully cover funeral costs and the impact of lost wages. Fortunately, Pennsylvania and all other states require that employers provide workers' compensation insurance coverage to help workers and certain family members in the event of an industrial accident. An attorney with experience regarding such benefits can help those who deserve compensation pursue a fair settlement.

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