Man killed in industrial accident

There are many potential hazards that employees in Pennsylvania face in an industrial setting. While most employers work hard to ensure that workers are properly informed about and protected from these hazards, an industrial accident can still occur. Unfortunately, a man in another state has recently died as a result of such an incident.

The accident that led to the man's death happened at on a day in late December. While the man was known in his community as a firefighter, he died while working in an industrial setting. Reports indicate that the 39-year-old worker was exposed to toxic chemicals which caused him to go into cardiac arrest.

The victim reportedly remained in critical condition in the hospital for two weeks following the incident. However, life support was recently removed, and he passed away as a result of injuries suffered. The incident, which happened at Moses Lake Industries, is likely under investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration which could take several months to complete an investigation. If violations of health or safety standards are discovered, the company could face fines, citations or some combination of the two.

Unfortunately, a family is now left coping with the unexpected loss of their family member. While the grief that accompanies such an event is obvious, many may not fully understand the financial ramifications that lost wages, medical costs and funeral expenses can create. While the surviving family members of a worker killed in an industrial accident may be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits, many who deserve such benefits in Pennsylvania often choose to seek help obtaining a fair settlement.

Source:, "UPDATE: Grant County firefighter dies after being exposed to toxic chemical", Elena Gardner and Kelsie Morgan, Jan. 9, 2018

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