Wrongful Death: Man Killed on Construction Site

When working with heavy equipment, workers in Pennsylvania and across the country face the possibility of a work-related incident that will leave them facing serious injuries. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case following a recent construction site accident. Officials are still investigating the incident that resulted in the loss of a life.

The accident happened one afternoon on a day in late March. Reports indicate that the 35-year-old deceased victim was working with a co-worker at an old mall that was under construction. Specifically, they were attempting to relocate a safe deposit box that was inside a bank.

The two men reportedly loaded the safe deposit box on a lift. Unfortunately, it fell off the lift, landing on the worker. A special team was required to remove the box due to its size. The worker passed away as a result of injuries in the accident, leaving behind his wife and child. The incident will likely be investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Unfortunately, even when workers carefully follow all safety and health standards, a construction site accident can still occur. Because such incidents can leave many families struggling financially as a result of medical bills, lost wages and funeral expenses, employers are required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits to help victims and their families cope with such costs. Many people in Pennsylvania are unprepared to negotiate with an insurance company during a time of grief, prompting them to seek guidance from an attorney with experience with the compensation process. By doing so, they can seek maximum benefits without distracting them from their recovery.

Source: 6abc.com, "Police: Man crushed to death by safe deposit box in Cheltenham Township", March 27, 2017

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