Man seriously injured will have trial in PA

A case involving a Pennsylvania man who suffered serious injuries will be heard in state court after a ruling by a federal judge on 15 March. The court documents indicate that U-Haul International Inc. and three other companies were negligent when the man was hurt on the job at a work site in Dauphin County.

While the plaintiff wanted the case returned to Philadelphia, the other companies requested that the case be completely dismissed. The federal judge agreed with the plaintiff but did not grant him attorney fees and expenses. In addition, he didn't address the defendants' requests to dismiss the case.

The worker sustained serious and permanent damage to his spine after a crane landed on top of him as he performed welding work at the site. While the case was first filed in local courts, U-Haul International, Inc. requested that it be moved to a federal court because of the joined interests of the involved parties. U-Haul International is based in Arizona, while another company is headquartered in Nevada, and the other two companies do business in Pennsylvania.

Elements considered in determining the jurisdiction of the case included the plaintiff's employment through a staffing agency, differing accounts of U-Haul's daily directives and assignments to the plaintiff, the plaintiff's use of his own tools and the fact that he didn't wear a U-Haul uniform while on the job. The judge agreed that all the defendants could bear some liability when he returned the case to state court. All parties have reportedly retained counsel from the Philadelphia area to represent them in the case.

A workers' compensation attorney might be able to help an injured worker file a lawsuit to receive compensation for life-altering injuries. The attorney may also make a compelling argument on behalf of the client regarding the liability of several parties involved in a complex case in order to maximize compensation. If you have questions about being hurt under the employment of one company while working at a job site for another, please call the Pittsburgh workers' compensation attorneys at Mitch Dugan & Associates at 1-888-99-DUGAN.

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