Man suffers work-related injuries in crash

All occupations in Pennsylvania and across the country hold some degree of risk. However, those that involve heavy machinery or require workers to spend a great deal of time driving could be especially wary of the potential harm they may face. Unfortunately, a man in another state recently suffered what appears to be serious work-related injuries in a recent crash.

The incident happened just before 6 p.m. on a day in March. According to reports, the victim was involved in an accident that ultimately involved five vehicles. Details of the accident are unclear, but reports indicate that a van rolled onto its driver side, pinning the driver. Although a paramedic was able to enter the van to treat the man, the decision was made to turn the van onto its wheels to reduce the time associated with the extrication.

Once on its wheels, rescue workers were able to remove the van's door. Once extricated, he was flown to the hospital for treatment. Those at the scene claim that there were plastic totes of pharmaceuticals at the scene and that paperwork in the vehicle indicated that the victim works for a company that delivers medicine to pharmacies and hospitals.

The paperwork in the van seems to indicate that the accident resulted in work-related injuries. If so, the injured man may be entitled to workers' compensation insurance benefits. Employers in Pennsylvania and across the country are required to provide these benefits because the expenses associated with a workplace accident -- including lost wages and medical bills -- can quickly become overwhelming. Because few people in the recovery process are ready to face negotiations with the insurance company, many ask an experienced attorney to do so on their behalf.

Source:, "Driver pinned by rolled van in Friday wreck", Matt Smith, March 14, 2018

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