Man suffers work-related injuries in Pennsylvania accident

Technological advances have resulted in machinery that can perform tasks more efficiently and, sometimes, more safely. Unfortunately, these advances have not completely removed the possibility of suffering work-related injuries. A man in Pennsylvania was recently flown to the hospital after he was injured in an industrial accident.

The incident happened on a morning in mid-March. Emergency workers were called to the scene after a worker at a Toy Factory plant reportedly became entangled in a machine. Reports indicate that his arm became trapped.

An emergency responder indicated that he did not know how the accident happened. However, he reported that firefighters were able to help employees at the facility disassemble the machine, freeing the man. A medical helicopter landed in the parking lot and transported him to the hospital. While many of the details of the accident -- including the man's condition -- are unclear, reports claim that the unidentified worker lost part of his arm in the incident.

Unfortunately, an accident such as this could have serious financial ramifications on both the victim and his family. In addition to his medical bills, the man may never be able to return to work in the same capacity as a result of his work-related injuries. Fortunately, workers' compensation insurance benefits could help him cope with many of the expenses, including medical bills, lost wages and the costs of retraining, if necessary. Because those suffering from injuries are often not capable of negotiating with an insurance company while they recover, they often seek guidance from an experienced professional in Pennsylvania to help ensure they receive fair compensation.

Source:, "Worker loses part of arm in workplace accident", Joe Sylvester, March 19, 2018

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