Man works to overcome brain injury from industrial accident

After a Pennsylvania man suffered a severe brain injury in 2008, he was unable to eat, speak or walk. He had been struck by a two-ton steel girder and slammed onto a concrete floor in a horrific industrial accident while on the job for less than a year. Just five years later, however, the man is able to volunteer four days every week and hits the gym just about every day.

His recovery and dedication to a new life has inspired others, which is why he recently received the John Sears Award from the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania. The prize is given to people who have overcome brain injuries to achieve new personal goals and accomplishments. The Pennsylvania man's goals have been helping others, volunteering for the American Cancer Society and Abilities in Motion, both in Reading. He also donates his time to Hamburg's St. Mary Church and Our Town Foundation.

The man said that he never gave up on himself and that there was always hope. He didn't do this alone, however. He went grueling outpatient speech, physical and occupational therapy with dedicated workers in order to get to the point where he could obtain a driver's license. His work continues with a clinical neuropsychologist who counts himself among those inspired by how far his patient has come.

Industrial accidents like factory accidents or warehouse accidents can leave victims with brain damage. This is why the justice system allows lawsuits to be filed against a defective equipment manufacturer or careless property owner in the event of a wrongful death or workplace injury. An attorney may be a valuable ally in seeking compensation through workers' compensation or through the court system.

Source: Tri County Record, "Brain injury survivors inspires others through volunteer work", November 13, 2013

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