Medical treatment for work injuries

Work Injury Medical Treatment. After you are injured at work the Workers' Compensation Act requires that your employer/workers' compensation insurance carrier pays for any and all medical bills that are reasonable, necessary, and related to your Work Injury. While this is required for accepted work injuries, there are some guidelines that must be followed.  To be sure you and your employer are both following the guidelines set forth by the PA Department of Labor and Industry you should consult with our PA workers' compensation attorneys throughout your claim. Call us now, 1-800-772-5422.

The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act requires employees treat with designated doctors or medical providers for at least 90 days. There must be a list of these providers clearly posted at work. Also, once hired and again at the time of injury your employer must provide you with written acknowledgement of this list of health care providers for medical treatment for your Work Injury.

If even one of the following is, not done, you can treat with a doctor or provider of your choosing: 1. Is there a list of designated medical providers posted at your place of employment? 2. Did you sign a written acknowledgement of this list and/or designated medical providers when you were hired? 3. Did you sign a written acknowledgement of this list and/or designated medical providers at the time of your injury?

If the treating medical provider for your wok injury recommends surgery you must tell your employer and their insurance carrier that you would like a second opinion. The insurance carrier should pay for this visit. It is very important to choose a doctor that specializes in the area of your injury.

When you obtain a new medical provider you must notify your place of employment and their insurance carrier that you are receiving treatment.

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