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Recently, a Workers' Compensation Settlement of $685,000.00 for a Mercer County man was negotiated by the experienced attorneys at Dugan & Associates. Everyone knows that drilling oil and gas is big industry in Pennsylvania. It's hard physical work. But it comes with risks. A 64 year old gentleman who was employed as a driller in Mercer County suffered a significant work injury when a rack of pipes fell on him. A co-worker, truck driver, had unhooked the chain holding the pipes before our client could get out of the way. Our client tried to yell but the truck driver didn't hear him.

Our client, who had worked as a driller for 12 years with the company, suffered significant injuries including a crush injury to his right leg, low back and left clavicle. As a result of his injuries he began receiving $638 a week in work comp payments. He wasn't sure he was being paid correctly, some of his medical bills weren't being paid, and he wanted an experienced Workers' Compensation lawyer to help him, guide him, advise him. He knew to contact the work injury lawyers at Dugan & Associates to help him maximize his recovery and get on with his life.

Despite the negligent actions of his coworker he could not sue or collect for pain and suffering as he was limited under the work injury laws of Pennsylvania to only receiving Workers Compensation benefits. Our attorneys and staff went to work immediately on his case and determined that the insurance company was not treating him fairly. The workers' compensation insurance company was not Paying him correctly. The workers compensation insurance company was not even paying all of his medical bills. Thus our firm filed a case to the workers' compensation judge (the court) seeking to force the insurance carrier to correct payment and Pay our client Penalties for not paying this injured disabled worker correctly and also for not paying reasonable and necessary medical treatment he so desperately needed.

Our firm was able to negotiate a settlement of $685,000.00 for which he was grateful and expressed his heartfelt thanks.

Of course every case is different and each case is unique. As they say past results is not a predictor of future events. Should you or a loved one need or is seeking help, advise or guidance for a work injury, workers' compensation or personal injury case remember to call the experienced work injury lawyers at Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People. 1-800-772-5422 or 1-877-99 D-U-G-A-N.

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