Mitch Dugan Passes Out Dictionaries to Local Students as Part of Rotary Club Initiative

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In late October, Mitch Dugan visited Banksville Elementary School in Greentree to spend a morning with some very special third graders as part of an annual educational effort by the Greentree Rotary Club, where Mitch is an active member. And he brought a big box of dictionaries along with him!

The ability for a child to expand their vocabulary is believed to rapidly develop in the third grade. So, Mitch passed out dictionaries to the students, emphasizing the importance of learning new words. After all, developing a strong vocabulary at an early age can help them in a variety of ways leading to further educational opportunities in the future. They had fun with it, too, as the teachers gave students interesting words to look up. It was an awesome experience for all involved!

"I enjoyed it a lot," said Mitch. "Our rotary club does it every year with all the schools in the Greentree area.  It was very heartwarming just to see all the kids; it was right before Halloween and they were all so excited."

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