Mitch Dugan Supports Local Martial Arts Community at the PA State Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Grappling Federation Championships

On Saturday, October 20th, Mitch Dugan was proud to sponsor and be a part of the 13th Annual Western Pennsylvania State Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Grappling Federation Championships. As one of the largest and longest running Brazilian Jiujitsu and grappling tournaments in the tri-state area, over 500 competitors and teams from all over the northeast United States traveled to Baldwin High School to compete. The tournament featured competitive divisions for men, women, and children of all skill levels.

The event is organized by Steel City Martial Arts, a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school that offers professional martial arts training for individuals of all ages and skill level in the Pittsburgh area. The family-owned and oriented school was not only the first jiu-jitsu school in the area but also the first school in the area to have a black belt. Dugan has been participating in martial arts at Steel City for over 10 years.

"One of the reasons I picked Steel City is that they're very family oriented," said Dugan. "They're very nice people and very competent. I go there quite a bit."

Dugan and Associates was a tournament sponsor, along with other local Pittsburgh businesses and organizations. The matches took place simultaneously on mats that were set up throughout different sections of the gym. Each match ranged from 2-to-7 minutes in length depending on the age and skill set of the combatants. Mitch volunteered to help control the clock and keep score, working hand-in-hand with the referees so that the timing and statistics were accurate.

"It was very exciting. I enjoyed watching the event," Dugan said. "I liked watching the kids because they're so low to the ground, and then the adults are fun to watch because it's a different skill set. Jiu-jitsu is kind of like wrestling, but there are arm-bars and chokes involved."

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