My workers' compensation benefits have stopped

Worried your workers' compensation may be stopped? Once you are approved for workers' compensation ideally you would continue to receive your benefits until you have recovered and go back to work. Unfortunately there are a number of reasons why your benefits could be stopped, or at least an attempt made to stop them sooner than you'd like.

Working with an experienced worker's compensation attorney will give you the most protection possible. We know how important your workers' compensation benefits are for you and your family. And we deal with insurance companies every day so you don't have to. Put our experience to work to protect your rights and the benefits you deserve.

You can lose your workers' compensation benefits if you: Refuse to comply with an order to attend a medical exam; Refuse to get reasonable medical treatment likely to decrease your disability; Are convicted of a crime and go to jail; Fail to complete and return an "Employee Verification" form to the workers' compensation insurance carrier within 30 days.

Your work comp benefits may also be stopped when: A judge issues a decision after a hearing on evidence and Terminates benefits based on a finding of full recovery; You return to work making the same or more money on a weekly basis that you were making at the time of your injury; You have signed a document stopping compensation such as a Supplemental Agreement or a Final Receipt; You settle your case for a lump sum of money by way of a Compromise and Release Agreement; You were collecting partial disability payments and your 500 weeks ran out; You were receiving weekly or biweekly checks for a specific loss and the time period for the specific loss payments ended; A judge stops your benefits based on a finding in a decision after hearings on the evidence that work was available to you within your physical limitations arising from the compensable work injury which would pay the same or more a week compared to what you were earning at the time of injury; You die for reasons unrelated to your injury.

What to look for? If your employer wants to stop or modify your workers comp payments, generally speaking, they should send you a "Notice of Ability to Return to Work." The Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier will have to then file a "Petition to Terminate, Suspend, or Modify Benefits." If you receive a "Notice of Ability to Return to Work" or a "Petition to Terminate, Modify, or Suspend Benefits" you should contact Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People right away or as soon as possible. The more time we have to collect evidence and develop your case the better. We Fight for the Check You Deserve! 1-800-772-5422.

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