Nine Things to Expect in Working with Dugan & Associates on Your Workers’ Compensation Claim or Personal Injury Case

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We Will Work to Bring Certainty and Confidence to Your Uncertain Situation

When you are injured, it may feel that your world is faltering. It doesn’t matter if your hurt at work, on the road, or by some other type of accident. Your life may be upended. You may not know how you will pay your bills. You’re likely not sure of what legal course to take with your workers' compensation claim or personal injury and the outcome is uncertain. It’s probable that you feel anxious and unsure about your future. We understand.

You’re seeking peace of mind. You want to feel confident about your time ahead. Therefore, you may be considering retaining a workers’ compensation attorney or personal injury lawyer. You know you want a firm with experienced legal professionals that will fight hard to get you the money you deserve, but … it’s more than this, right? You want a legal team that truly knows what they are doing. A group that will thoughtfully guide you throughout the process. You’re looking for Dugan & Associates.

How can we prove this to you? Initially, it’s not easy, especially in Western Pennsylvania and the City of Pittsburgh. There are numerous ads for workers’ comp lawyers and personal injury attorneys. Therefore, we kindly ask you to watch and listen to our associates and our staff in the videos below. They talk openly about what you will experience with Dugan & Associates.

1. We Take Great Pride in Helping People

We take great pride and pleasure in helping people in bad situations for no fault of their own. Our work is serious but we stay positive. Listen to our Office Administrator Heather Chappel. For over two decades, she’s collaborated with Mitch Dugan and our team, helping the firm’s attorneys fight for the compensation our clients deserve. Two decades plus!


Everybody we have and continue to represent is in a bad situation. They’ve been hurt, they’re injured, and often it is permanent. Listen to Dugan Associate Joel Kundin talk about how we help our clients.


Listen to Associate Thomas McClain talk about working with clients and providing them both help and hope.


When Mitch Dugan got out of law school, he knew he didn’t want to work for the big insurance companies. He wanted to help people, people like he grew up with and his family who were hardworking and ended up injured or disabled for no fault of their own. Listen to Mitch talk about his passion.


2. What Happens When You Call Dugan & Associates?

What happens when you call us after you’re injured at work or hurt in accident that isn’t your fault? Listen to Dugan Associate Joel Kundin.


3. Who Will Work on Your Workers’ Compensation Claim or Personal Injury Case?

Who will work on your case? We have a team of staff and attorneys. Yet, Mitch Dugan is hands-on with every person’s case, workers’ compensation claim or person injury. Listen to law clerk Russell McGregor confirm this fact.


Listen to Mitch Dugan talk directly about our team and experience.


4. How Do We Look into Your Workplace Accident or Personal Injury?

How do we investigate and evaluate your workers’ compensation claim or personal injury case? Listen to Dugan Associate Joel Kundin talk about it in detail.


5. There Is No Matter that Is Too Trivial in Your Worker’s Comp, Personal Injury, or Social Security Disability Case

There is no matter that is too trivial. If you are concerned about something, you can ask Mitch and his team of staff and attorneys. This is one of our core values. Listen to Dugan & Associates Law Clerk Russell McGregor talk more about our intrinsic value.


6. For Workers’ Compensation Claim Cases Specifically, How Fast Do You Move?

If your case is denied, we typically file for benefits in worker’s compensation cases right away. Listen to Dugan Associate Joel Kundin and learn why this is an advantage for you and your case.


7. Do You Stick by Clients Over the Long-term if a Case Takes Years?

Listen to Dugan Associate Joel Kundin. He represented a client from 1985 through 2021 until the case was finally settled in the client’s favor. This is tenacity. This is the D-U-G-A-N way. Watch and hear Joel talk about this highpoint in practicing law, fighting for clients, and helping them get the compensation they deserve.


8. We Cover All of the Expenses for Your Case Upfront

As we mentioned earlier, we know your life is uncertain after being hurt at work or in a personal accident. You’re likely under financial strain. We don’t want to be another pocket-book headache. Listen to Mitch talk about how we handle costs and fees.


9. Is Mitch Dugan Really a Good Guy? Is He Sharp?

Yes, he really is a good guy. He truly is as compassionate as presented on television and social media. Listen to Heather Chappel, our Office Administrator, talk about his kind-heartedness.


FACT: When it comes to worker’s compensation claim and personal injury law, Mitch Dugan is insightful as to the best possible outcomes for clients’ specific situations. Listen to Dugan & Associates Law Clerk Russell McGregor talk about Mitch’s experience & history that allows him to see things down the road with cases that other attorneys may not understand. We have the experience.


Yes, We Fight Hard for the Check You Deserve (and Do Even More)

If you or a loved one were hurt at work, on the road, or elsewhere, please reach out to us. We will earnestly try to bring certainty to your faltering world. We will work to provide you peace of mind and confidence throughout the legal process. Consultations are free. If there is not a recovery of compensation, there is also no fee  unless we get you the money or benefits you deserve.Contact us today online or by telephone at 412-353-3572.


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