Often asked questions about workers' compensation

Common Workers Compensation Questions:

How quickly can you receive your check? If you are injured at work or suffer a work injury you should begin receiving your checks immediately. However, if your claim is denied or goes to court the process can become lengthy. You and your doctor(s) may have to testify that you are restricted from your work injury. Even if the injury is your fault a workers' comp claim can still be filed and awarded.

How much money can I get? Despite the number or severity of your injuries you're only able to recover money based on the wages you earned while working. Thus the amount of your weekly check can be no more than a set amount based on your earnings. There is a cap on the amount of money you can receive weekly. And you are entitled to payment of medical bills for your work injury. Also, you can collect if your injury caused scarring or resulted in amputation or loss of use for all practical intents and purposes (functionally useless).

Does my employer have the say so? Sometimes when a workers compensation insurance company denies payment of benefits or fights your claim it doesn't necessarily mean your employer is out to get you. It may seem that way sometimes but generally your employer has very little involvement in the workers' compensation process. It's your employer's insurance company that's denying your claim or trying to not pay you (or pay you less). Insurance companies are big business and they are in the business to make money not lose it so they try to pay out as little as they have to pay.

Can I collect Social Security Disability, SSD, and Workers Compensation at the same time? Yes. However there is interplay between the two. Although one doesn't necessarily mean you can collect the other either. They are two different legal systems with two different sets of laws. The amount of work comp payments you receive can impact the amount of Social Security Disability you get. Separately Social Security Retirement can impact the amount of workers' compensation you get.

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