OSHA investigates wrongful death of man killed in trucking accident

Whenever an accident happens in the workplace, and the accident results in an injury or death, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is called in to investigate the accident. OSHA is an independent agency that operates on both the state and federal level, and works to keep workplaces safe for workers.

Readers in Pittsburgh are familiar with Workplace Accidents, as are residents of Erie. A recent accident killed a 32-year-old truck driver. The man was attempting to separate a trailer from a tractor cab when he was crushed under the trailer. The accident occurred on late last year.

As is required by law, OSHA was alerted about the accident. The agency will investigate the accident scene, interview any witnesses to the accident and determine if the company was at fault. If the company could have prevented the accident, then the company could be fined and forced to correct any deficiencies that might exist.

It can take several months for OSHA to complete their investigation and submit a report. In the meantime, the family of the man who was killed can seek compensation for their loss. Surviving family members can seek financial reimbursement for medical bills, final expenses and request a financial settlement that would cover the lost wages the man could have made had he not been killed. An experienced legal professional can help anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation. This professional can provide guidance in regards to how to seek compensation, the kinds of compensation that could be available and help a person decide if pursuing compensation is the best course of action. Call 888-99-DUGAN today!

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