Pennsylvania company fined for violating OSHA rules

An Indiana, Pennsylvania company has been cited and fined for four repeat and nineteen serious safety violations. The company was reportedly warned but failed to correct violations relating to its failure to guard live electrical parts, chains, sprockets, pulleys and belts. The company is also said to have failed to install a standard railing on one of its platforms. These violations were first cited in 2013 amid concerns regarding the potential for workplace accidents. The fines relating to these violations amount to more than $26,000.

According to the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office, "By not correcting the cited hazards, this company continues to jeopardize the safety and health of its workers, which will not be tolerated." The governmental agency added, "OSHA will hold employers responsible when they fail to protect workers and provide safe and healthful workplaces."

An additional set of fines totaling more than $70,000 were assessed and relate to numerous hazards, including multiple electrical and machine guarding hazards; overexposure and lack of engineering controls relating to silica, sulfur dioxide, and iron oxide; doors on abrasive blasting enclosures not flanged and tight; accumulations of dust and shot outside of an abrasive-blasting enclosure; lack of engineering controls and audiograms for workers exposed to occupational noise; and failure to properly follow-up with workers who experienced a Standard Threshold Shift due to changes in occupational noise exposure, among other safety concerns, according to OSHA. In total, the company has received nearly $100,000 worth of citations for four repeat and 19 serious safety violations. The foundry was investigated in January after a complaint was filed.

OSHA regulations have long been in place to protect the safety of employees in the workplace. Employers are legally required to adhere to OSHA regulations. When they fail and injured workers incur medical expenses and/or are unable to work, workers are owed workers' compensation benefits.

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