Workers' Compensation: Construction Accident From Falling Concrete

A Pennsylvania construction worker sustained injuries from a 1,000-pound concrete form that fell on him. The accident happened at a construction site for new four to seven bedroom single-family homes in a planned community. Construction companies use the forms in building the foundation of a home. The construction site accident happened as the worker attempted to move the 9-foot-tall form.

Another construction worker who witnessed the accident said the concrete form toppled as his colleague tried to move it without a brace. Co-workers of the injured man rushed to his aid. Some of the workers lifted the form off the man, which allowed others to pull him out from under it. The injured worker did not lose consciousness. However, he was apparently in a great deal of pain and was screaming, his co-workers said. Those on the scene said the man indicated that his leg had been injured.

An ambulance transported the injured worker from the Pinecrest homes' construction site to a local hospital for treatment. There is no further information about the accident or the worker's injuries at this time. In addition, the news report stated that both the builder and the construction company declined to comment on the accident.

In general, injuries sustained by construction workers on the job tend to be serious. Even though employers are responsible for putting precautionary measures in place, there is a constant danger of injury at a construction site from obstacles or defective equipment. Such accidents often cause fractured limbs, back injuries and long-term pain or head injuries. That can leave an injured worker unable to work. A construction site accident attorney might be able to help a worker receive the maximum workers' compensation benefits to which they are entitled.

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