Pennsylvania family struggles with disabilities

Even the most financially secure and prepared families can be taken off guard by unexpected medical issues. When suddenly unable to work due to an injury or illness, family savings may dry up and making ends meet from month to month may become challenging. This has been the experience for one Pennsylvania family. Now, they collect Social Security Disability insurance in order to meet their regular expenses.

Over 15 years ago, this Pennsylvania family was solidly in the middle class. They owned a home and had savings in the bank. Over time, all four members of the family developed medical conditions. The two parents found it harder and harder to work, and medical bills started accumulating. This is when they turned to SSD benefits.

Unfortunately, the family is still feeling the financial squeeze, as they are now uncertain about what the future holds for them. Even though the mother and father of the family wish they could maintain a regular job, their health concerns make that impossible. For now, they will continue to rely on SSD benefits, Supplemental Security Income and occasional income from the minimal amount of work the mother can maintain.

This family's story provides valuable insights into the effects that medical conditions can have. When individuals develop a debilitating medical condition, they may be able to obtain SSD benefits in the event they can't work. Typically, these benefits can provide financial assistance to cover essential expenses, but it's still important to make sure that the benefits provided are sufficient to meet the unique needs of each individual family.

Source: Lancaster Online, "A family on the edge of falling out of the middle class", Jeff Hawkes, Feb. 23, 2013

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