Workplace Danger: Electrocution

A Pennsylvania sub-contractor for a cable company died on the job on Oct. 17. The workplace accident occurred when the man was working on a line.

The 35-year-old sub-contractor was accidentally electrocuted while he was in a driveway on Cider Mill Road. He and co-workers were working on overhead wires at the time of the accident. According to the State Police spokesman, the worker came in contact with electric wires a little after noon. A co-worker commenced CPR before emergency responders arrived at the scene of the accident. The Flemington-Raritan and Amwell Valley rescue squads reported to the scene and treated the man there. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but he died approximately one hour later. The man's identity has not been released to the public, but he was a resident of Hellertown. A spokeswoman for the cable company says that everyone at the company is deeply saddened. She also could not recount the last time a worker for the company died on the job.

Compared to other types of work, employees who work on or around electrical lines may be at greater risk of sustaining an accident on the job. They may suffer electrocution, or they may be subjected to other safety hazards or unsafe working conditions due to the nature of the job. The need to reach certain wires could make these workers more at risk of being injured due to a ladder fall, scaffolding fall or falling debris.

Pennsylvania workers' compensation lawyers may be able to help an injured worker. They may be able to help injured employees pursue a workers' compensation claim for medical expenses and lost wages. If a worker is a sub-contractor or an independent contractor, a personal injury lawsuit may be available to them.

Source:, "Comcast sub-contractor electrocuted, dies in East Amwell", Renée Kiriluk-Hill, October 17, 2013

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