Pennsylvania Man Killed In Accident On The Job

Workers throughout Pennsylvania know there are hazards in all workplaces. However, some occupations are inherently more dangerous than others. When most think of dangerous jobs, they think of construction; however, municipal workers are often at high risk of workplace accidents. One family is now mourning the loss of a loved one after a municipal worker was killed in an accident on the job in the northwestern part of the state.

Just before midnight in mid-October, two municipal workers were collecting garbage when disaster struck. One man, reported to be less than 25 years of age, was standing on a platform on the back of a garbage truck when the worker operating the vehicle backed into a utility pole. Although the report is somewhat unclear concerning the details of the accident, the collision resulted in the death of the worker.

The cause of the collision with the pole is currently unknown. However, the latest reports stated that the local police department's forensics squad is investigating the collision and the worker's death. The garbage truck's driver did not suffer any injuries, and the local authorities questioned him as part of the investigation.

Families in Pennsylvania who have suffered similar losses due to workplace accidents may themselves face financial struggles. Fortunately, after an accident on the job resulting in a fatality, immediate family members may be entitled to workers' compensation death benefits, which generally include weekly compensation and burial expenses. As it may be difficult to navigate the workers' compensation claims process, surviving family members may benefit from the help of an experienced legal professional.

Source:, "Man killed in accident involving garbage truck," Ryan Emerson, Oct. 16, 2015

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