Pennsylvania man killed in mining site accident

A 26-year-old Pennsylvania man was killed in an industrial accident in Indiana County. The man was working as a mechanic when the fatal accident took place on July 31, 2013 around 7 a.m.

The fatal workplace accident was the result of a suspension failure on a Caterpillar rock truck. The truck had a leak, and the man was attempting to assess the damage so he could begin repairing the vehicle. He then climbed on top of the vehicle's large tire to get a more detailed view. The man positioned himself on his stomach so he could view the front strut where he believed the leak was originating from.

The truck's suspension failed and the Caterpillar's body dropped about a foot, trapping the man on top of the tire. The sound of the collapse was heard by co-workers who rushed to the man's aid. The man was found dead at the scene. According to the company the man worked for, proper safety procedures were followed by employees on the day of the accident. However, an investigation is ongoing with state police and the Mine Safety and Health Administration to determine what went wrong.

Workplace accidents can cause injures that range from non-life threatening to fatal. Industrial workers that use heavy equipment are at a high risk of dangerous accidents. Workers who are seriously injured in industrial accidents may be faced with medical bills that they are not able to pay. Fatal workplace accidents can leave the family of the deceased with funeral expenses and loss of income that cannot be replaced. An experienced attorney who understands an injured worker's needs may be able to help them file a workers' compensation claim and begin their recovery.

Source: CBS, "Man Killed In Indiana Co. Industrial Accident", July 31, 2013

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