Pennsylvania man suffers broken bones after construction fall

Laws are in place to protect injured workers in Pennsylvania. While it can be a straightforward process, it is not always a cut and dried matter of filling out forms and cashing checks when a construction site accident befalls a worker.

A fairly typical accident occurred recently in another state. Thankfully, the injured man was awake and alert when firefighters arrived on the scene. Pittsburgh residents can relate to seeing a commercial construction job site like the one on which the man was working. A 10-foot fall from a platform located about five stories high resulted in a broken ankle and a scary rescue for the man. Since the stairs in the building weren't constructed at the time, the rescue squad used a ladder to get the man down. With a rope and skid providing support, he was safely lowered to ground level. The waiting ambulance took him to a local hospital for treatment.

Workers' compensation can help make sure a worker hurt on the job receives appropriate medical care. A broken ankle may only need weeks to heal. More complicated injuries can require months of recovery and rehabilitation before the employee can resume his work. Lost wages and support for families are provided through workers' compensation benefits, with the goal being a healthy return to the workforce.

Generally speaking, companies provide for their workers with care and consideration. It is the employer's responsibility to provide safe equipment, work environments and proper training for workers. Occasionally, an accident situation surfaces that is more complex. An in-depth review of particular circumstances is helpful in protecting benefits and forestalling too-early termination of payments. Careful scrutiny of the construction accident facts will determine if other remedies should be considered to seek the best outcome for the future.

Source:  WXIA-TV Atlanta, "Construction worker hurt after falling 10 feet on platform" Michael King, Feb. 27, 2014

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