Pennsylvania worker hit by vehicle and killed on the job

The dangers that road workers face each day became apparent on Feb. 11 when a flagger was struck by a car and killed. On that morning the victim, who was 52 years old, was assigned to flag traffic. Reports suggest that she was trying to help move a truck pulling a module home was travelling through the area.

She was working the 700 block of Newport Road in Perry County, flagging other drivers in preparation to shut down both lanes of traffic when a young woman drove toward her, crashing into her parked car, which then hit the flagger. A woman who lived in the area administered CPR to the victim in an attempt to revive her, but the flagger reportedly passed away.

The woman who reportedly caused the accident, an 18-year-old woman from New Port, was not charged in the case, and police who responded to the incident did not release any information regarding why the accident occurred. However, one report suggests that the younger driver may eventually be charged after the investigation has been completed.

The family members of a victim who has died under similar circumstances may have a claim for Workers' Compensation benefits. Pennsylvania workers' compensation laws allow families of workers who die while engaged in a job-related activity to recover some benefits that might offset the cost of funeral and burial services in addition to a portion of lost financial support. However, pursuing those benefits may be difficult. It could be beneficial for such a family to discuss their situation with an attorney. That attorney might be able to help them file the necessary forms and evaluate the economic extent of the loss, allowing the family to make a proper claim.

Source: CBS 21 News, "Traffic flagger struck and killed by car", 12 February 2015

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