Pennsylvania worker injured in construction site accident

A construction worker was injured in Erie on Aug. 7 at approximately 12:15 p.m. when he was struck by a pickup truck that drove into a closed traffic lane. The man was taken to the hospital, where he has been listed in fair condition following the accident at the job site.

According to witness reports, a Ford F-150 was traveling south on Peach Street and entered the right lane, which was closed. The truck then crossed Miller Avenue and entered an area where workers were preparing to pour a section of sidewalk. The truck struck the man and then hit the back of a construction truck, which was loaded with boards for making sidewalk forms. The pickup's driver never applied the brakes before hitting the man or the construction vehicle, according to witnesses.

The driver of the Ford truck then attempted to back away and blew a tire. Some other workers ran to the truck and turned off the ignition. Next, the driver jumped out of the truck and attempted to flee the scene. He was chased after by other workers. The driver was taken into custody and was transported to the hospital for blood testing. Law enforcement is continuing to investigate the accident and are waiting for the test results.

A skilled Pennsylvania lawyer with a background in workers' compensation cases might be able to obtain compensation for a worker who has been injured in an accident on a job site. In a case similar to this one, the lawyer might potentially pursue both the at-fault driver and the construction company for damages.

The driver may be held responsible for reckless driving, and the construction company might be held responsible for failing to secure the area properly. In a case like this, the lawyer might collect evidence from police reports to use in negotiations or litigation to obtain a fair settlement for an injured worker.

Source: Go Erie, "Probe continues into Peach Street construction site crash", Tim Hahn, August 09, 2013

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