Pennsylvania worker laid off after 25 years during health crisis

A Pennsylvania man's recent situation shows just how important Social Security disability benefits can be to some people. One Pennsylvania resident is worried about how he'll survive financially after being laid off from his job in the middle of a health crisis.

The Zelienople man worked at MSP, a direct mail company in Freedom, Pennsylvania, for 25 years before contracting Vasculitis. He went on short-term disability after being diagnosed, but was told he would have no job past September 1. He found this out on August 30, two days before his date of unemployment.

The 58-year-old worker was hoping to return to work by October. He is now hoping to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, but the process could take over six months.

The worker says that, before the debilitating hardship, he'd come to think of the company like family. After being laid off during his health crisis, he no longer feels that way. According to the man, the company is giving him $500 in severance pay, but is taking out $400 to pay for his health insurance in September, leaving him with only $100.

The medications that Young needs to treat his Vasculitis are expensive, and he's not sure how he will afford them or his $1,000 per month insurance premium without company coverage. He's afraid he'll have to sell his house.

The Pennsylvania worker may have found some relief in state low-cost health plan, adult Basic, but it was recently terminated. The president of MSP, said that he would personally look into the company's treatment of this man, who he said, "is like family."

As this case shows, Social Security disability benefits can be very important to many different people. However, the process can be complicated. Speaking to an experienced Pittsburgh attorney may be helpful in getting the benefits you deserve.

Source:, "Longtime Company Worker Loses Job, Insurance During Health Crisis," Aug. 31, 2011

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