Pennsylvania worker suffers minor injuries in explosion

An explosion at recycling plant Metalico Bradford Goodman Services sent a worker to the hospital with minor injuries on August 5. The explosion happened shortly before 11:30 a.m. as the employee started to cut into a crude oil tank with a circular cut-off saw. The saw reacted with the vapors inside of the 10-by-15-foot steel tank causing them to ignite.

The resulting explosion broke the tank into two pieces. The Bradford City Fire Department assistant chief said that when fire crews reached the plant, there was no longer a fire, and the damage was confined to the tank. The 52-year-old cutting into the tank was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center with minor injuries and was later released in stable condition. Other workers assisting with the project were not hurt. The fire marshal for the Pennsylvania State Police investigated the incident later that day.

According to Pennsylvania workers' compensation law, almost all employers are required to provide some type of insurance to their workers against Workplace Accidents and illnesses. This coverage could be provided through self-insurance, a private insurer or a competitive state fund.

If a worker is entitled to receive workers' compensation for a workplace injury, it could pay for all of the individual's medical care needs. This may include medications, hospital treatment and other medical supplies such as prostheses and orthopedic appliances. Surgeries and other medical services might be included as well if they are needed to relieve or cure the employee's injuries or illness.

In addition to medical care benefits, an injured worker could receive payments for lost earnings if the person is unable to work because of partial disability or total disability. The employee might receive specific loss benefits for losing part or all of an appendage, hearing or sight. Specific loss benefits may also be paid if the individual suffers a disfigurement on the face, neck or head. Individuals who believe they are entitled to workers' compensation may want to consult with an attorney to examine the facts of their claim.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, 'About Workers' Compensation"

Source: The Bradford Era, "Worker suffers minor injuries in explosion at Goodman's Tuesday", Kate Day Sager, August 05, 2014

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