Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Rates Increase for 2021

Every year, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation sets a maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits that an injured employee can receive. 

The maximum rate for 2021 is $1,130 per week (an increase of 4.53% from 2020). This amount is two-thirds of the state’s average weekly wage. 

The maximum workers’ compensation rate for a claim is calculated based on the year when the accident or injury took place. Therefore, if an accident occurred in 2019, but benefits are awarded in 2020, the maximum workers’ compensation rate for 2019 ($1,049 per week) would be used.

Workers’ Compensation Rates by Weekly Average

The maximum PA workers’ compensation rate allotted to an injured employee is dependent upon their average weekly wage (AWW) for the year preceding their injury. This number is calculated by gross income (before taxes). Factors such as tips, bonuses, and employment for less than a year can also affect this number. See our infographic below for the different salary tiers and compensation rates. 

Calculating Your Worker’s Compensation Rates

The workers’ compensation rates above are the maximum weekly amount that can be given in Pennsylvania by salary tier. Generally, injured workers will receive 66.66% of their average weekly wage of the year before their injury.

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