Personal Injury Claims: What's Pain and Suffering, and How Are Damages Determined?

Pain and suffering damages are a highly important aspect that your lawyer will review when assessing the details of your personal injury case. In addition to the costs of medical bills and lost wages, pain and suffering can cause serious financial burdens on families. So, it is always important to seek the advice of a lawyer in these situations to ensure you receive the maximum monetary compensation you are entitled to.

There are two types of pain and suffering that we'll detail below: physical and mental.

Physical Pain and Suffering

Scenario: You were involved in a serious car accident where the other driver was found at fault and caused significant injuries to your neck, chest, back, and legs. The injuries required multiple surgeries, and the concussion you suffered during the accident left you with recurring headaches and trouble falling asleep. In this instance, physical pain and suffering damages stem from the discomfort you are currently experiencing and any future detrimental health problems caused by the accident.

Mental Pain and Suffering

Scenario: As a result of your injuries from the car accident, you are now forced to quit your job and are unable to complete the same daily activities - such as daily exercise,  operating a vehicle and standing for long periods of time - that brought you happiness or provided you with a sense of purpose. Because of this, you experience emotional distress, depression, anger, paranoia, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that causes you constant mental pain and suffering. After a medical evaluation, you would then be eligible for compensation for your current pain and suffering and anything you could potentially experience down the line.

Verifying Pain and Suffering Damages

In order to prove your physical suffering, make sure to document your injuries through photographs, records of doctors appointments or reliable witnesses. To prove mental suffering, record a daily journal detailing your symptoms and keep records from your appointments with a licensed mental health professional. If your lawyer has these forms of evidence at hand, it will increase the legitimacy of your claims and, in turn, lead to more money in your pocket.

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