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Being aware of Personal Injury issues that can arise for Homeowners on Halloween is important. Halloween is one of the nights of the year where children are encouraged to walk on strangers' properties (and take candy from them). We all hopefully know precautions we should take to protect our kids-wear bright clothing, use flashlights, throw away unwrapped candy etc... but what we need reminded is that as Homeowners we are responsible for ensuring our yards, walkways and property is safe.

Some recommended suggestions: -Turn on outdoor lights and make sure the walkways are well little Remove tripping hazards from steps, driveways, yards Make sure Halloween decorations do not pose a danger and be careful where you place them;-keep your pet secure as some pets get scared or excited and can pose a threat and/or danger.

When someone suffers a Personal Injury in the nature of slips or trips and falls at a person's home or sidewalk the property owner may be legally responsible. If a person slips, trips or falls as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition the property owner may be fully responsible. Generally homeowners are accountable for falls that result from ice and snow, water, changes in flooring, poor lighting, hidden hazards, things such as a gap or hole in the ground, yard work or construction that isn't roped off, stairs that are uneven or overly steep, lack of stair railings, ladders and other equipment that aren't put away.

If the owner of the property knew or should have known about the dangerous conditions then the property owner will be legally responsible for injuries suffered from the slip, trip and/or fall.

For questions on Halloween Safety or Homeowners Liability and/or questions regarding an injury sustained on someones property or place of business contact Dugan & Associates, Lawyers Representing Injured People.

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