Personal Injury - Winter Safety Tips-avoiding slip and fall liability

Personal Injury - Winter Safety tips and avoiding liability for slip and fall injuries: You are responsible for the well being of guests and individuals visiting your property. Weather can make your property unsafe and you potentially liable for Personal Injury. Plan safe, be protected.

Snow and ice is a constant concern this time of year. Generally speaking you have 24 hours to clear sidewalks and walkways of snow and ice. If you fail to clear your area you may be fined. Or worse liable for someones Personal Injuries.

Premises liability for Personal Injury means you can be held responsible for injuries caused on your property. Homeowners insurance will help handle the bills associated with slip and fall injuries. If you're injured at a friend or relative's house they won't be left holding the bill. Homeowners' insurance will protect them. However it is up to the homeowner to make the home as safe as possible.

Outdoor lights are typical around the holidays and even for weeks after. Make sure all cables are cleared from walkways and other areas of foot traffic. Make sure to mark any potential hazards so they can be clearly seen by any visitors on your property.

Welcome mats are great to wipe your feet on before entering the house but if they get covered in snow or ice they can pose a serious slipping hazard. Be sure to remember to clear these off after every snow or ice storm. You are responsible for making sure there aren't any hazardous areas where it could be anticipated somebody could suffer a slip and fall Personal Injury as a result.

Large cracks and or divots in your walkway or driveway where someone can trip and fall and/or suffer an injury should also be something you make safe for anyone coming to or leaving your house.

Furniture should not be blocking access. Even if it isn't they may not be stacked safely or the way that outdoor or patio furniture is sitting could cause snow or ice to fall to the walkway. Also if snow or ice is covering the furniture someone may trip over them. It is best if possible to put such furniture in a shed or basement out of the way of any visitors who could slip and fall and suffer an injury.

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